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In 1982 Van lost his eye sight, attended a school for the blind, and learned to use a red-tipped cane to gt around on his own. 

He has since then regained his sight in more ways than one. Not only is he now able to see, but as an  empowerment speaker, he now travels the country helping audiences look into their own heart to see beyond the obstacles that threaten their success and ability to live their dreams.  Van's moving story will inspire your business, school, or church to live, love and pursue greatness in every area of life!

Let Van Waller help make your next event the unforgettable success your guests deserve! Take advantage of his unique style of communicating 
that is refreshingly clear, and easy to listen to!

Also, be sure to take advantage of Van's workbooks, handouts, and follow-along-fill-in guides to help you ensure valuable takeaways are not lost. These handy resources also help you tack and monitor your own progress!

Van Waller has been been written about in newspapers, heard on radio, seen on television and may be available to speak at your next event!

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Empowerment Speaker / Author
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